Bored in Nagoya

While Nagoya WEKFEST was in full effect, I decided to go and wander off and find some parking lot cars. Yes, Wekfest was good. Yes, its worth the drive from Kanagawa. But I found myself bored of the same cars in the small Port Messe Hall. Its good to see old friends and to drink canned coffee. Being that we had a massive pre meet the night before and lots of cars showed up and showed me love (which I will never forget). I just needed to get out and stretch my legs since I was blacking out from zero sleep.

So as I decided to walk from one hall to another outside I found a bunch of stairs leading to the port area. I figured why not head down to the waterfront and possibly take a snoozer. On my way down I spotted a silver masterpiece near the water with the hood popped up. (Some will say bonnet) . Enjoy the pictures and enjoy the timeless masterpiece.

Big shout out to SpeedMagnet NZ for always caring for me when these shows went down. Follow this link for Speedmagnet coverage from Nagoya Wekfest .



  1. so..are you back to posting again? Posted up about your blog on my tumblr, I hope you keep posting!

    1. Yes. Its in spurts. But I have lots of pictures I want to share.


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