Japan Lowrider Love

Born In South Gate California I was exposed to witnessing the occasional Lowrider when cruising through Downey Ca or Long Beach.  I used to always keep an eye open for a shinny Lowrider to pop up on our way to church back in the day. I have always had a soft spot for lowriders. I don't know if its the love and care that goes into building one or the end result when your able to either drop the top or hit a switch and ride out. Either way these motherf****rs have always spent tons of money in them. 

I would love to say that one day here in Japan I would build one or work on one but with limited parking and garage space ill have to wait until I win the lotto. Until then enjoy the pictures from Misaki Easy Cruise Misaki Japan. 

This crew rolled in hard and they did it right. I had the chance to talk to them all and was able to connect at least through talking about their cars. Enjoy ;0

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