Lowbrain X Allthatlow Drift Survival Vol.1 12/23/2013

Happy New Year and Happy late Holidays. 

It all started one day out of the blue I thought. "Screw this I'm going to rent Fuji Speedway for a drift event."
That prompted me to call my buddy Takuya Yasuda Founder of Team Lowbrain Japan. He totally agreed to my idea and jumped on board with everything I had to say.  I give him all the credit for making my dream come true. For some reason I am huge on helping people out and making sure people are content and ensuring fun is had.

LOWBRAIN has a great bunch of friends who vowed to help event day
Matt (constant fun)
Park (Hightopfade)
Rod (AutoNgraphic)
Colin (DOHCreasearch)
Muko (lowbrain)
Yuu (lowbrain)
I maybe missing a few and I'm sorry. 
Big Thanks to HIRO IINO (ID Graphics) 
Also big thank you to the Sexy Ladies Staff Chihiro Hara (SRIPPERS Family) and Yuka Koizumi and Takako Fukuda for helping with MC.

 Here is just a few from the many I took. 

thanks and be sure to check back here for part 2