New Faces

Photos by Danny S. for All that Low Japan

Back here with a update of the Stance Nation event at Fuji Speedway.  Talking with Elvis from Stance Nation in the months leading up to the event it seemed this event was going to be a template and possibly a bar raiser for future events. 

I don't think I have been to a better car show or meet that good ever in my time here in Japan.  Now I'm a bit worried about the future of the meets. SN basically set the bar really high with..... 

1) Location: Yes it was Fuji but the parking lot used was different from any other show I have been to at Fuji which was a huge plus for me since i go to Fuji at least once a month. 

2) Cars from all over Japan came to this meet. That alone made it even better. Yes you had the few Internet famous cars but a lot of the trendy cars were making changes to their cars and it was good seeing them still pushing it. 

3) Outsider comes to Japan and nails it right on the money. That's not really heard of. That was good to see. 

Lets get to the pictures and forget about my sorry write up. 

Kato-san from Liberty Walk