Being a Tour Guide for a Day

So I got a call from a buddy in Chicago that one of his buddies was coming out to Japan from Australia. So i picked Ben up from Yokohama station and we were off. Fuji Speedway was the first stop. My co-driver Steven was an awesome help and great to have around as he was also a gear head and made tons of good points to cars and different styles. Ben drives a V8 S14 Blown.... Steven drives a drift set up 180sx and I drive a family car cause I'm just cool like that. (for the moment)
As we headed back from Fuji we decided to make the long effin trek to Odaiba in a Toyota Prius might I add. ... Gas was lovely. 
So we headed towards the and stopped at the Toyota Mega Web spot and it turned out to be pretty cool seeing the hot pink Toyota Crown. We also decided to mob around and go to History Garage.  I never grew up knowing much about different model cars. As a matter of fact I still don't. I'm not really into classics but I do admire the craftsmanship and the old school lines the classics have. Please enjoy the BLURRY pictures from Toyota Mega Web and History Garage both located in Odaiba Tokyo ... This is my rendition of this place. I know SpeedHunters covered this recently but since they rock at everything they do. I just hope you get to see what the little people see.